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Inquiry Learning

Our Endeavour E5 Inquiry Learning process is a step by step journey that our Endeavour Learners follow to explore, research into and investigate different parts of our New Zealand Curriculum.

Our inquiry-based learning means that learners at Endeavour School have increased levels of ownership and decision making in their learning. 


This phase of learning begins with the teacher designing learning experiences to excite their learners in a theme, topic, problem or context. This context is then explored and leads nicely into an investigation of a worthy question, issue, problem or idea. 


This phase of learning is where children further explore the question, issue, problem or idea and make a decision on what they would like to research and inquire into.  A series of questions are developed that will form the basis of the investigation. 


This phase of learning is where our learners develop a plan of action. During this stage the learners put into place a plan of action where roles and responsibilities are handed out. Our learners then work collaboratively to the investigation. The journey is ‘mapped out’ so that there is a plan of action with a deadline. 


This phase of learning is where the plan of action gets put into place. All individual and group responsibilities are put together and research on the issue, question, problem or idea is pulled together to create a social action. This is where our learners create their ‘product’ or explain the ‘process’ they have been through. 


This phase of learning is where our learners reflect on how successful their journey was as a group and independently. Through honest proactive discussion, our learners focus on solutions for their next inquiry. It is a time of celebration and thinking about both the process they went through and the product (the outcome of the inquiry).

At Endeavour School we value Inquiry because:

  • It is all about empowering our learners.
  • Inquiry enhances children's thinking by learning how they learn and knowing what they need to do to improve.
  • Inquiry enables a deeper level of learning and thinking through questioning and the use of graphic organisers as tools for our learners to navigate their thinking.
  • It ensures our learners are working collaboratively as they work towards a social action outcome.
  • Inquiry provides children with interpersonal skills, leadership skills through collaboration and a lifelong structure for learning.


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