Endeavour School

Stationery Packs

Please visit our school shop online to purchase a pack.  

Endeavour School uses OfficeMax to provide our stationery packs.  These are available for purchase for $60.00 (or $30.00 for students starting in Term 3 onwards) and will be delivered directly to your child's Learning Community once purchased.  If you would like to take home your child's books to cover, please discuss with their Ako Group teacher when this would be suitable.

The stationery packs are put together with great care and attention by our teaching teams.  It is our intention to make life easier for parents while ensuring that all students have the appropriate stationery for a whole school year.

We have secured a very competitive price with OfficeMax with the intention of making the yearly stationery costs as affordable as possible.  

We do appreciate that some families would prefer to purchase their stationery independently and therefore stationery lists can be obtained from the school office.  If you choose to purchase your own stationery, please understand that if a product you provide for your child is not suitable you will be asked to replace it.

Endeavour School does not make any financial gain in the creation of the stationery packs.

If you have any queries or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to speak with us.


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