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Events from 2018 at Endeavour School

Road Patrollers Waterworld Funday!!

Thumbnail: Road Patrollers Waterworld Funday!!
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A huge thank you to our Endeavour Road Patrollers for 2018!
Their dedication throughout the year has been amazing. Many thanks for keeping all our families safe coming to and from school this year.
The Hamilton Police hosted a fun day at Waterworld for all Waikato School Road Patrol Teams as a way of saying a big "thanks, we appreciate all you've done to support the police this year!"
It was a really fun day with access to all the activities at Waterworld, a sausage sizzle and iceblocks for everyone!

Salvation Army Christmas Appeal Mufti Day - 23/11/18

Thumbnail: Salvation Army Christmas Appeal Mufti Day - 23/11/18
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On Friday the 23rd of November Endeavour School held a mufti day in support of the Salvation Army Christmas appeal. Instead of asking for a gold coin donation we asked our students and families to bring in a gift or food item to donate. The results were amazing and blew us all away!

Diwali Pop Up Festival - 8/11/18

Thumbnail: Diwali Pop Up Festival - 8/11/18
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Our Endeavour students had an amazing time learning all about Diwali at our pop up festival on the 8th of November. It was a great day with foods to try, henna on hands and beautiful dancing and speeches.

Matariki Celebration - 04/07/18

Thumbnail: Matariki Celebration - 04/07/18
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Endeavour School celebrated Matariki with a special evening for our school community.

Students decorated their Learning Communities and performed for their whānau.

Eid al-Fitr - 19/06/18

Thumbnail: Eid al-Fitr - 19/06/18
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Students chose to visit the "Festival Room" and participate in a variety of fun activities which educate and provide experiences about Eid celebrations.

Pink Shirt Day - 18/05/18

Thumbnail: Pink Shirt Day - 18/05/18
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Students & Staff participated in Anti-Bullying Week NZ by wearing pink to raise awareness and stand up to bullying.

Crazy Hair Day - 23/03/18

Thumbnail: Crazy Hair Day - 23/03/18
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Students participated in a "Crazy Hair Day" fundraiser for Blood Cancer & Leukemia New Zealand. They could choose to have crazy hair at school for a gold coin donation.

Three of our teachers also shaved their hair for the cause!

Tabloid Sports - 16/02/18

Thumbnail: Tabloid Sports - 16/02/18
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Students participated in lots of fun activities like javelin, stilts, sack races, gumboot throw, tug-o-war, 3 legged race, gutterboard and much more!

Chinese New Year - 16/02/18

Thumbnail: Chinese New Year - 16/02/18
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Pop-up festival for Chinese New Year

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