Endeavour School

International Student Programme

Endeavour School is a very modern, innovative learning environment (ILE) that opened in 2015 and has a current role of 550 students across six Learning Communities (large classrooms). Within each Learning Community, there are teams of four teachers who work together by sharing the responsibility of teaching all of the students in their Learning Community across all subjects. 

Endeavour School is unique because of our philosophies and beliefs about how students learn. Learning is very student-driven and students are encouraged to make lots of decisions for themselves about their own learning.  Students are given choices about who they learn with, the groups they work in, the teachers they work best with and the way they present the result of what they have learnt.  We not only teach new knowledge from the New Zealand Curriculum, we also teach children how to apply their knowledge to solve real-life problems.  We believe this empowers students to be successful in their future education and careers.  

Endeavour School welcomes international visitors from around the world who want to experience our unique modern learning environment.  We offer a variety of programmes to cater for the learning needs of non-English speaking students.   

International Students experience a combination of time spent in our regular classroom programmes with kiwi kids, as well as specialist English Language lessons in our “Language Lab”. Our English Language Learning department has specialised teachers and learning assistants who work specifically with our International Students.

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English Language Programme:

  • Kiwiana Programme: Exploring New Zealand topics such as Native NZ flora and fauna, NZ Food, NZ History, NZ Geography & NZ Culture / Heritage
  • Oral Language, Reading & Writing: Phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, reading fluency and using English with real-life topics (eg: All About Me, At My Home, Everyday Living, At My School etc)

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