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Meet our International Agents!

Endeavour School works closely with a few International Agents.

Organising international study through an agent can be much easier than doing it yourself. An agent works with families directly to help with student applications, provide detailed information about the school and the understanding of the international study process and ensure fees are correctly processed. The agent will then provide all the necessary information to the school to complete enrolment in the correct fashion.

Please see below the agents we work closely with.

Global Student Ltd

Bridget Egan - Managing Director
Website: Global Student
Address: Level 14, 175 Queen Street, Auckland
Email: bridget@global-student.com
Tel: +64-9358-2696
Hamilton Based Agent - Weiwei Zhao
Email: asia@global-student.com
Tel:        022-3768970

Korean Educational Recruiting Agent
NZGAJA Consulting

Johnny Sungmo Ku - Managing Director
Tel: 027-250-2011,
Email: inzgaja@gmail.com

Sujin Kim 
Tel: 021-134-5002
Email:      sujinlydia@hotmail.com

Chinese Educational Recruitment Agency
Ponga Education International Limited

Hamilton Agent - Nicole Waugh
2156 River Road, Hamilton, New Zealand 3281
Phone: 027-9615490
E-mail: nicole@welvnz.com
Website: http://www.welvnz.com
Shenzhen Office: Bena Zhu
Room 1802, Block B, Tianxia Jinniu Square, Taoyuan Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Tel: +86-755-26477716
Cell Phone: +86-13924645525
E-mail: bena@welvnz.com

Chinese Educational Recruitment Agency
CNZ Cultural and Technical Exchange Centre Limited

Michael Chen - Marketing Manager
P: +64 79744579
M: +64 221902526
F: +64 079744609
A:5C Clifton Road, Hamilton Central, New Zealand

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