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COVID-19 School Update 25/03/2020

Posted on 25 March 2020

From Marcus Freke

Greetings to you all,

As of midnight tonight Endeavour School is closed for instruction.  At this stage the closure is for 4 weeks but we will keep you updated if there are any changes.  As part of the school closure our playgrounds are out of bounds.  Please do not send your children to school to use our facilities.

I am aware our closure will cause some challenges, particularly for families who have parents working in essential services.    Below is the Ministry of Education’s recommended strategy for supporting parents who continue to work and need care for their children.  

Online learning is available for all students.  Remember, don’t make learning stressful, try and get outside and get some fresh air and exercise.  Routine is important for children so try and develop a routine for the day and stick to it.  The term break starts on Monday 30th of March.  Treat this as the term 1 holidays.  There are plenty of online learning resources available but teachers will not be refreshing them until the 14th of April.  They will respond to emails relating to student learning within 24 hours. 

Self-Isolation doesn’t mean we have to be isolated, keep in touch with each other and make sure you check on those who may be vulnerable.  If you have any amazing examples of learning activities that have worked for your kids, email them to us and we will share your ideas with our community.  Unless things change our next email will probably be Monday morning.  

Take care and keep in your bubble.

Marcus Freke        
Karin Adams

Self-isolating groups - circles of care

Further to our mention about self-isolating groups in our letter template yesterday, we can confirm these groups don’t need to be registered. There are however some very important messages that do need to be understood by all in the group:

  • The intent of forming this group beyond an immediate household is to be able to provide necessary support for people who rely on support from others (eg, elderly people living alone, families who need support with caring for children).

  • In forming this group, everyone in it must understand how crucial it is to keep it tight and to an absolute minimum number of people.

  • Even in a small group, people must take care of themselves and others through good hygiene including thorough hand washing and drying, good coughing and sneezing etiquette and physical distancing.

An example could be where an essential worker who is required to work, can have their child cared for by a trusted buddy, as long as they are not elderly or vulnerable. That buddy and the buddy’s own household will need to be included as part of that self-isolating group. However, it is critical that the buddy and their household cannot then have any other external contacts.  As soon as a member of that household has contact with another person (and therefore their household) they all need to be incorporated into the self-isolating group.
Another example could be helping a family with care for their disabled child to give the primary carers some time to rest. But again, you need to be identified as part of their self-isolated group and you cannot have any other contacts other than those in your own household.

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