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COVID-19 Term Two Update-An Important Message from Mr Freke

Posted on 14 April 2020

Greetings to you all,

Welcome to Term 2 at Endeavour School.  I hope everyone has had a good term break in your bubbles.  I am aware that self-isolation looks very different for everyone but I hope you have found time to relax and enjoy some time together.  Our return to learning looks very different to our usual start of term but I am confident we are ‘ready to roll’. 

The last two weeks have been the Term 1 holidays and instruction formally resumes on Wednesday the 15th of April (tomorrow).  In this email, I wanted to provide an overview of what you can expect.

Over the term break, the teachers have been working hard to create online learning programs.  The programs are designed to provide ‘maintenance’ in the priority learning areas of reading, writing, and maths, as well as some additional ‘inquiry’ type activities.  This means as parents you will not be required to teach your children anything new, in most cases, the children should be able to manage their learning independently. The obvious exception to this may be our 5 and 6-year-olds who may need some help getting set up. In all cases, only do what is manageable for your family.  There is not an expectation that children work through programs non-stop for 5 hours. Do what you can easily manage and remember to keep it as stress-free and fun as possible. If online learning isn’t a priority in your family at the moment that’s fine.

If you have any problems accessing learning please email your child’s Ako group teacher so we can get it sorted.  If you do some learning you would like to share please send it to your Ako group teacher so everyone can celebrate your learning!

We are currently working with the Ministry of Education on a process for providing devices to families who need them.  Once this is in place we will advise you of how to access a Chromebook to support learning.

There has been a lot in the media regarding possible return dates and I note that some schools are already posting the dates they plan to reopen.  There has not been any confirmed plan from the Ministry of Education to reopen schools to date. It is likely we will hear in the next few days some likely scenarios and as soon as we hear something concrete we will advise you via our School App with a follow-up email.  

Until then remain safe in your bubbles and look after each other.  

Marcus Freke - Principal

Karin Adams - Board Chair

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