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COVID-19 School Update 21/04/2020

Posted on 21 April 2020

Important Information For All

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

The Government has stated schools will be reopening on 29th of April under Level 3 Alert conditions.  This means Endeavour School will be operating differently to how it normally operates.  

Endeavour School will be open for children to go to learn if their parents need to return to work, or the children cannot learn at a distance. Children who are able to, should remain home and learn via distance.

Learning programmes at school will be the same as the online programmes provided for children at home.  There will be no home readers or additional resources sent home with the children and supplementary learning programmes will not start until we move into Level 2.

In addition to this, students will have limited access to normal resources at school.  These include:

  • No before/after school care

  • No transition or school visits

  • No access to sports equipment 

  • No access to the playgrounds

  • The library will be closed 

  • No school lunches orders - must bring own lunch and drink bottle

We will do our best to enforce social-distancing of 1 metre, but this may be difficult to maintain.  Teachers will not be touching the students in any way unless first aid is required. We are required to maintain bubbles of 10 where possible.

Parents must drop off their children and not enter the school grounds.  If a child is not capable of walking independently from the ‘Kiss and Drop’ to class unaccompanied, then they should not be at school.

Where possible we will keep siblings together to limit a family’s exposure to other students.

We will implement staggered break times to limit contact with other students not in their Learning Community bubble.

Parents of those students returning must talk to their children and prepare them for their return under Level 3 conditions:

  • They may not be in a bubble with their friends

  • They won't be able to share equipment with friends

  • Students must maintain distance from friends and teacher (no hugging friends etc)

  • They will be doing the same learning as they are doing at home

  • The adventure playgrounds and sandpit will not be in use

Please complete the following survey to indicate whether or not your child(ern) will be returning to school under Level 3 Alert conditions.


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Marcus Freke


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