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Pick Up Process for Alert Level Two

Posted on 16 May 2020

Please note the Kiss and Drop will be CLOSED in the afternoons.

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

As part of our management plan for COVID19 Alert Level 2, we are required to minimize the number of people who enter the school premises.  To achieve this parents/caregivers are being asked to collect their children from key points around the school.  This eliminates crowds congregating in front of the Learning Communities.  We are also closing the front of the school ‘Kiss n Drop’ in the afternoons to avoid the concentration of traffic, students and parents at the front of the school.  This will become a pedestrian-only area.

Endeavour School is implementing the following process for the collection of students.

Students will be delivered to one of three points around the school at a time stipulated by the parents.    Teachers or senior students will escort students to the designated gate.  

  1. Gate 1 – The front of the school by the school sign on Endeavour Ave (recommended for Juniors being released from LC1 & 2)

  2. Gate 2 – The big gate next to the alleyway (recommended for middle & senior students who can easily walk there from their Learning Community)

  3. Gate 3 – The gate next to the alleyway at the back of the school.  This gate will also be used by cyclists, scooters, and skateboards to enter & exit the school.  (suitable for senior and middle students who can easily walk there)


NB – all gates will be supervised by a teacher.

Parking has always been a challenge on Endeavour Ave around 3 PM.  Attached is a map that indicates streets that can be used for parking and are easy walking distance to the school.  If you choose to park at the Discovery Park carpark you could ask your children to wait for you at Gate 3.  If you choose to park on Cashmere Place you could ask your child to wait for you at Gate 2.  

Please respect the people who live in our area and don’t park over driveways or on grass verges.  

What is important is you need to explain to your child which pick up point you want them to wait at. It is recommended you use the same pickup point every day so your child can get used to going to the same place.

If your child is capable you could ask them to walk to where your car is parked.  For example, it should take less than 5 minutes for a student to walk from school to the carpark at Discovery park or 5 -7 minutes to walk from school to the carpark at Flagstaff shops.  

Click & Collect

To try and make it easier for parents we will have staggered pick up times.  Parents can elect to pick up their children at 2:40PM, 2:50PM or 3PM.  Please indicate your pick up time and gate by viewing the Hero version of this message and completing the one click survey attached to it.  If you can’t consistently achieve your adjusted pick up time leave it at 3PM

YMCA – option for students. If you are unable to pick your child up at one of the designated times you have the option of enrolling them in the YMCA Aftercare programme so the students aren't waiting by the Gate for extended periods.  


Kind Regards,

Marcus Freke

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