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Admin Update for Alert Level 2

Posted on 16 May 2020

From Endeavour School Admin Team

Dear Parents/ Caregivers, 

During Alert Level 2 the school office will be operating slightly differently to usual.  We ask that no parents/caregivers come into the office either without a prior appointment (arranged via email or phone) unless it is to collect items purchased from the school shop.

 If you need to try on sample uniforms for sizes please email office@endeavour.school.nz to make an appointment

Ordering new uniform items - please use the school shop to make your purchases. We will not be using our Eftpos facility in the office during Level 2 at all.

Picking up uniforms - notification will be sent via the school shop to the email address registered on your school shop account once the order is ready - collection will be from the school office.

New App visitor sign in - an addition will be added to our School App shortly which enables you to sign in and out when entering the school grounds (please remember that this should only be when you have made a prior appointment with office staff or teachers). Instructions on how to do this will be coming out later this week. This will then provide us with vital contact tracing information. We ask that if you have not downloaded the Endeavour School App, please do so. To do this, please visit your mobile devices App/Play Store and search for “School AppsNZ” and follow the downloading process. When you start the App up for the first time it will ask for you to select your school - select Endeavour School.

Student Lateness - Students who arrive at school late will still need to sign in but this will operate slightly differently. All students needing to enter the office must do so from the side door and must enter one at a time. If a student is already in the office they must wait outside the side door until they have exited. From there, they must come in and wait for an office administrator to sign them into the Vistab (the student will not be able to sign into the tablet themselves) then they can go on to class. Parents must not come into the office to sign their child in for them. We ask that you please explain this to your children before school starts back so they understand the new process.

 If you have any questions regarding any of these processes please feel free to email the office on reception@endeavour.school.nz or office@endeavour.school.nz.

Kind Regards,

Endeavour School Administration.

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