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COVID-19 School Update 28/05/2020

Posted on 28 May 2020

An update from Mr Freke.

Greetings to you all,

It is great having everyone back at school and to see the children’s smiles and enthusiasm.  I've noticed quite a few parents smiling too! Thank you, everyone, for the amazing support you have given us with the implementation of the Alert Level 2 operating procedures.  The students are managing really well and I am aware there are a lot of proud parents of students who can walk themselves into school.  

Our first week of learning had a Hauora/Wellbeing focus to settle the children and help them make sense of what has happened.  Because we have 95% of our students back at school now, normal learning programmes have resumed this week.  Online learning programmes will still be available for children who need to stay home.

The Prime Minister announced some changes to Alert Level 2 restrictions and Endeavour School is amending some of our operating procedures accordingly.  The key principles remain the same:

  • Contact tracing of people coming in and out of school

  • Good hygiene practices are required

  • People who are unwell are to stay home

  • Limit the number of people in gatherings

Key changes to our operating procedures are:

  • No more ‘staggered’ finishes.  All students will finish school at 3 PM as of Tuesday 2nd June.   If you wish to pick up your child early you must contact the office with the time, who will be picking the child up and stipulate which gate the child will be picked up from.

  • Sports Training will start next week.  A detailed letter outlining management expectations will be sent out this week.

What hasn’t changed:

  • Parents still need to drop their children at the gate.  You can only come on-site if you have an appointment.

  • Students will receive hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day and hand washing is encouraged. 

  • The Kiss n Drop will remain closed in the afternoons and parents are encouraged to pick up from alternative points, not just the front of the school.  We recommend you pick one gate and stick to it so the children don’t get confused. 

  • If a child is unwell, particularly if they have cold & flu-like symptoms, they must stay home.  


School is once again safe for children to physically attend. Getting back to a normal routine is important for the health and wellbeing of your children, and being around their peers and teachers will help them feel in control and reassured. All children should be back at school unless they fit the Ministry of Health criteria for self-isolation or they are unwell. If you have any concerns please contact the office.

All New Zealanders should be very proud of how we have managed the COVID19 outbreak.  We are now close to moving into Alert Level 1 but we need to persevere with the rules and guidelines for a bit longer so we can ensure our school and community is safe from COVID 19.

Marcus Freke


Karin Adams
Board Chair

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