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Signature Features

Posted on 22 June 2018

I recently attended a workshop lead by a lecturer from Melbourne University.  Dr. Ryan Dunn talked to us about the importance ‘defining our practice’.  By this he meant being really clear about how teaching and learning happens at Endeavour School.    The ‘foundation team’ were aware of this when we started planning for Endeavour School.  Our practice is defined by our ‘Signature Features’, these are: Collaboration, Ubiquity, Thinking, Environment and Excellence.  

Collaboration is based on ‘Social Constructivist Theory’ that states the power of learning and depth of understanding is much greater when learners work together to solve problems or create new thinking.  Ubiquitous learning is based on the premise that learning can happen anywhere, anytime, just in time and children don’t have to be at school directed by a teacher to learn.  Endeavour School values the ‘funds of knowledge’ that our parents/whanau have and so we try design learning that engages with knowledge and perspectives that come from home.  We want our learners to be Caring, Critical and Creative thinkers.  Our Environment is an enabler for learning. Children learn to understand how the environment can support different learning styles as well as different learning outcomes.  Finally want our learners to be the best they can be, Personal Excellence.  This is capture in our motto ‘Kia Tukaha, kia eke’; ‘to endeavour is to succeed. 

When learning programmes are designed the Signature Features are taken into consideration and planned.  To make the ‘Signature Features’ better understood by the students we have developed our Endeavour Learner profile which will be explored in the next blog.

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