Endeavour School

Learning at Endeavour

The Endeavour curriculum will be stimulating, relevant and engaging.  Students will understand the purpose for their learning and where possible an authentic audience will be able to respond to what is learnt.  Mathematics and Literacy are acknowledged as priority learning areas.  All learners will be challenged in their learning by learning to solve new problems, think differently about their learning and be extended to reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Learners can achieve more by working as part of a group than individually.  They learn through the modelling of appropriate learning behaviours, practicing the behaviour and mastering the behaviours.  They then move on to more complex learning behaviours and learning.

All learners will be able to choose a range of approaches to learning and be empowered to make decisions about how they learn.  They will use a range of modern learning resources to enable them to respond to their learning needs

Motivation for learning is achieved through working as part of a group and achieving success in the learning individually and collaboratively.  

For further reading on our Innovative Learning Environment, follow Marcus' regular blog on our website - "Principal's Blog". 

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