Endeavour School

English Language Learners (ELL)

At Endeavour School we are very proud of the multicultural nature of our school.  With approximately one-quarter of our roll being English Language Learners, we place great value on and take the time to celebrate our diversity.

At Endeavour School we are committed to providing learning programmes that deliver effective support to our multi-lingual students. We have a part-time ELL teacher and several Learning Assistants whose role is to support English language learners with their oral language, literacy and curriculum development while also helping them to adjust to their new school environment, develop new friendships and participate fully in school life.


Our ELL teacher also provides the Learning Community teachers with information, resources and support for their own literacy programmes.  When a new English language learner arrives at Endeavour School they will be supported in their transition and after a ‘settling in’ period be assessed to identify their language learning needs.  This may mean they will be supported individually, in a small group situation or within the wider learning community.

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