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Ako Groups

Ako is a Māori word meaning "to learn" or "inquire". The primary function of our Ako groups is for administration and for the pastoral care of our students. The Ako group teacher provides the first point of contact for parents if they have questions about their child’s learning or what is happening at Endeavour School.   

Our Ako groups are all named after New Zealand’s native birds.  You will need to know your child's Ako group to register with our online payment system and use the school shop.  If you are unsure, please check with one of the teachers in your child's Learning Community or phone the office.

Learning Community

The name Learning Community refers to the space where teaching and learning happen's at Endeavour School. The name was chosen because it represents our philosophy about teaching and learning, this includes a collective responsibility for pupils learning, collaboration focused on learning mutual trust, respect, and support and a focus on results with everyone taking responsibility for student learning. We often refer to the learning Communities as ‘LCs’. The number of the Learning Community does not reflect the level or year of the students in that community.

Endeavour Bridge Groups

The Endeavour School Bridges are our version of ‘Houses’.  They are set up to build school spirit and provide friendly competition at our school sports and cultural events.  The winning Bridge will hold the 'Bill Noble Shield’ for the year.  The Bridge group competitions add colour and excitement to all Endeavour School events.

Your child will be allocated a House group once they are enrolled and family members will be put into the same group.





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