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Medicine Consent

If your child requires medicine to be administered at school, a Medicine Consent form must be completed and brought into school (links below).  Hard copies are available at the school office. We are unable to administer medication to students without parent/caregiver signed consent.
Students are not to keep medication of any kind in their bag (for their safety and others in the Learning Community), under any circumstances. This includes homoeopathic therapies and asthma inhalers.  
Please communicate with the office staff, as well as your child's teacher, when medicine needs to be administered. We ask that you remind your child each morning about going to the office for this. We will do our best to accommodate specific times that medicine needs to be given. 

If you haven't already, you can give Endeavour School ongoing permission to administer Paracetamol to your child should the need arise.  We will contact you first to confirm the required dosage (we have liquid Paracetamol 250mg/5mg in the sick bay).  Please email admin@endeavour.school.nz to confirm this in writing.

If you would like us to store medication long-term (such as inhalers, hayfever tablets etc), we are happy to do so.  You can complete a Medicine Consent Form and tick the relevant box.

If your child is attending before/after school care, please contact the YMCA to arrange storage of medication during this time and safe transfer to the school sick bay. 

Please CLICK HERE to open the Medicine Consent Form as a Google Doc

Please CLICK HERE to open the Medicine Consent Form as a PDF file

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