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Music Lessons 

Would your child like to learn to play a musical instrument?

Enrol your child in the music lessons they have always wanted to do.

Carl Watkins, an experienced music tutor and musician with MusiqHub, has guitar, ukulele, voice, keyboard, and drum lessons available at Endeavour School. 

Sign your child up to learn a musical instrument and they’ll learn skills for life and not just musical ones. They’ll acquire increased coordination, memory and confidence, improved concentration and self-expression, and many other valuable traits.


Carl is a musician with over 20 years experience in the music industry, as a writer, performer and recording artist. He has a Master of Music and has been tutoring for MusiqHub for 5 years, having taken over his own franchise last year. Carl is a trained vocalist, who taught himself to play guitar, ukulele and piano. He writes for orchestra and rock ensembles and is involved in local theatre. Carl believes learning a musical instrument is empowering and provides kids with a valuable physical and emotional outlet.

Lessons are 1⁄2 an hour long Keyboards are provided at lesson time but students are required to have their own keyboard or piano for home practice. Guitar and ukulele students are required to have their own instruments.


Carl Watkins
027 388 9558





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