Endeavour School

Dental Clinic 

While the mobile Dental Clinic does visit Endeavour School bi-annually, it is not always possible for them to see every student.  Fairfield Community Dental Clinic invites children and parents to attend a dental check-up at their facility every year.

Appointments are available throughout the year and they will make contact with you when your child is due for his/her regular dental check, or you can phone and make an appointment at any time if you have concerns.

Appointments will generally be posted to you at home with a text reminder two days prior. Please don’t hesitate to call them on 0800 TALKTEETH or 07 859 9160 to change an appointment time.

At the check-up please bring along your child’s brush and paste if you would like help with brushing techniques. It is a good time to talk to your therapist about oral health concerns and to plan any further care your child may need.

Fairfield Dental Clinic is located at the end of Kensington Place, off Hukanui Rd and near Davies Corner.
Please call 0800 Talk teeth if you have questions or concerns or to check or update your contact details.
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