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Student Details

Please state child's legal first name

Please state child's legal surname

Please state the name your child would like to be known as at school (if different from above)

Please state any ethnic groups that your child identifies with

If you have classified your child as Maori, please state any Iwi affiliations

Please state which language/s your child speaks at home

This information helps us in identifying the ways we can support diversity in our multicutural school community.

Your child must fall under one of these options to enrol at Endeavour School.

Please state which Country your child was born in

This is the date that will have been stamped in your child's passport by NZ Immigration.

Please state Country of birth for both parents (if other than New Zealand)

Please advise the date you would like your child to start at Endeavour School (if known).

Please provide name/s and year levels of family members already attending Endeavour School.

Parent(s) or Caregiver(s) Details

Please state who has custody of your child during the school week.

If 'Other' answered above, please state relationship to child (e.g. Legal Guardian)

Address where child resides during the school week. Address must be within our school zone. PLEASE CHECK BOTH ZONE MAPS - zoning is changing from 2019.

Most of our correspondence is sent out via email, including newsletters. A copy of this completed form will be sent to this address.

Please include your occupation & name/address of your place of work

Second Parent or Caregiver

If second parent or caregiver lives at a different address to above, please state

Please include your occupation & name/address of your place of work

Please include details of any custody arrangements we should be aware of (including copies of Court papers if applicable).

Emergency Contact Details

This is the person you would like us to contact in case of an emergency and the main Caregivers are not available.

This is the person you would like us to contact in case of an emergency and the main Caregivers and Emergency Contact 1 are not available.

Early Childhood Information or Previous Primary Schooling

If your child is a New Entrant, please advise the type of Early Childhood Education they attended

Please note the name of the Early Childhood Centre your child attended

Please note the approximate or average number of hours per week your child attended an Early Childhood Education Centre

How many years did your child regularly attend an Early Childhood Centre?

If your child is transferring from another Primary School in NZ, please provide details of the school and current year level.


Please provide any information the school needs to be aware of regarding your child's health.

Please provide details of any serious allergies your child may have that will affect their day to day care

Please advise the name and phone number of your Medical Centre and/or GP

A copy of the immunisation certificate is required as a supporting document

Learning & Behaviour

Does your child have any major learning or behavioural needs that we should be aware of? Please give details

Is your child receiving, or in need of receiving, any specialist services or resources from any agencies? Please give details

Enrolment Declaration

In accordance with the Privacy Act (1993), all reasonable care is taken in the collection, storage and security of the information in this enrolment form.

At the discretion of the Principal, under section 76 and section 77 of the Education Act (1989), this information may be shared with the following groups of professionals: School staff, Specialist Education services, Public Health Nurse and Doctors, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Children and Young Persons and their Family service, Police, other professionals approved by the Principal. If you do not wish personal information to be released then contact should be made with the Principal.

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