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Supplementary ELL Enrolment Form

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Please help us to learn more about your child and family by completing this form to accompany our regular enrolment form. We hope that by having this information we can better cater for your child.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT our standard enrolment form but for the use of speakers of multiple languages. Please refer to our main enrolment page for general enrolment.

Student Details

Please state the name your child would like to be known as at school (if different from above)

Example: 1 of 3 children

Please list all the ethnicities your child identifies with

Please note all the languages your child speaks at home


If your child was not born in New Zealand, please confirm the first date of entry

Previous Education

Please note the name and location of the school, length of time attended, age your child was and the languages used at that school.

Please note the name and location of the school, length of time attended and age your child was.

Language & Culture

We value your family's language/s and culture/s and wish to support you in fostering these.

Please include years, months and hours per week


When speaking to Mother, Father, Brothers/Sisters, Grandparents & Other Family

Please include Name, Address, Phone Number & Relationship to child

Tell us more about your child

The questions below will help us to understand more about your child so we can plan his/her learning programme.

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