Endeavour School

Enrolment Zone

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Endeavour School Enrolment Zone has been amended and will be changing effective 1st January 2019 due to the opening of Te Ao Mārama School.

Endeavour School Enrolment zone - until end of 2018

Endeavour School Enrolment zone - effective 2019

Te Ao Mārama School Enrolment zone - opening 2019 

The amendment to the zone does not affect the enrolment of students already attending Endeavour School but it will preclude any future siblings from being enrolled. If you this situation is applicable to you, please contact the school office to discuss our sibling ballot process.

If you intend on withdrawing your child from Endeavour School at the end of 2018 due to the zone change, please let us know as early as possible to assist with our 2019 class placements.

You can enrol your child online at Te Ao Mārama School here: http://www.teaomarama.school.nz 

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