Endeavour School

New-Entrant Transition to School

At Endeavour School we strive to provide a Transition to School programme that meets the needs of the child and their whanau to ensure a smooth transition into life at school. 

Students can start at Endeavour School from the day of their fifth birthday, but no earlier.

Our Learning Environments differ from the traditional classroom which means that our Transition to school programme needs to reflect this. We are incredibly lucky to have been selected to be part of a Transition to School research project and this project has formed the basis of our transition programme. 

We are confident that this programme assists with the child developing a sense of belonging within their new school context, setting them up for success as learners.

At the heart of our transition programme is the child and during their visits, they will embark on a new and exciting journey.  They will begin forming relationships with teachers and peers, get to know their new learning environment and be immersed in the learning programme. 

Parents get the opportunity to participate in these visits alongside their child whilst also learning more about how teaching and learning works and what to expect when their child begins school.

If you have any questions about this please contact Erica Stewart (LC1 teacher and Transition to School co-ordination) at erica.stewart@endeavour.school.nz 

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